Aldo Sessa Archive 1958–2018: Sixty Years of Images

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Bilingual edition, Spanish/English
Text: Victoria Noorthoorn. Includes an interview with the artist.
Graphic Design: Eduardo Rey
Translations: Ian Barnett and Kit Maude


280 pages
Format: 21 cm x 24 cm
ISBN 978-987-673-279-6


This book is a document of the work conducted by the Museo de Arte Moderno
for the exhibition, Aldo Sessa Archive 1958–2018: Sixty Years of Images. Intense
exploration of the photographer’s archive made possible an unexpected journey
along the endless pathways of his oeuvre, and his many interests and investigations,
to reveal a gaze built up from a tireless desire to go beyond, using the technical
possibilities of the different cameras of the day. Alongside the visual journey provided
by this exhaustive research, there is an interview, in which the artist discusses his
technical and aesthetic ideas, and a complete biography.

‘For months, the Moderno took on a real challenge, scouring some 800,000 images
from the seemingly limitless Sessa Archive—from negatives and contact sheets,
to analog and digital prints—and, jointly with the artist, making a detailed selection
of 700 photographs taken between 1958 and the present day. This intensive
exploration of the archive led us to find an unexpected path through the infinity of
possible pathways opened up by his œuvre, and his myriad interests and experiments
spanning sixty years of artistic production. His archive reveals how his gaze was built
up through an unswerving desire to improve upon his abilities and exhaust the
technical possibilities offered by different cameras throughout history. Over the course
of this journey, Sessa has shown himself to be an experimenter with the image,
someone capable of testing to the limit the possibilities offered by each photo and
of being transformed by each situation he chooses to capture. ’

                                                                                                       Victoria Noorthoorn

‘Photography is somewhat solitary, but I feel good alone, because I can see the light
and observe the shadows and that makes me happy. I always feel an urge to pick up
my camera, to be thinking about or inventing something new. That experimentation is
necessary and fundamental. It’s where you need to begin, without worrying about making
a mistake (besides, you can always throw your mistakes away without anyone seeing).
Probably, a photographer who doesn’t experiment right from the first, won’t ever do it
again. That would be like letting a great photo pass you by because you were reading
the manual. Your worst photo is the one you never take. ’

                                                                                                       Aldo Sessa

The exhibition Aldo Sessa Archive 1958–2018: Sixty Years of Images was presented
at the museum from 21 March until 27 May 2018.

Archivo Aldo Sessa

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