Community outreach

Museo Moderno

In the Communities area, the Museum becomes an interactive platform that helps visitors to expand their perspective, skills and background knowledge. Through different activities in and out of the museum, we offer a program tailored with inclusive experiences such as workshops, talks and visits.

To find out more about guided tours and activities for groups with special needs, please email us at [email protected]

We currently offer three Community based programs:


The Moderno becomes a place where seniors are empowered
by their own experience and develop an active presence at the

Guided tours: guided gallery tours where art, memory and
personal histories combine in words and images.

Balcarce Adult Care Center (PAMI): This two year old program
offers visits, tea with artists and talks to bring the Museum’s
exhibitions and contemporary art to its residents.

Workshops: Specific activities tailored to meet the needs and
interests of adults aged 60 and over. 

Seniors’ Month: to celebrate their day, every October seniors
take part in activities at the Museum such as in-gallery
performances, readings, guided tours, etc.

Health and accessibility

DWe offer inclusive activities to enable all visitors to experience
and enjoy art. Working together with specialists, we design
activities for individuals or groups with physical and mental

Visits for people with physical disabilities:we offer guided tours
in an accessible environment, adapted to the group’s needs, to
ensure accessible itineraries to enjoy the Museum and its collection.

Visits for people with mental disabilities: we offer visits tailored
to the needs and age of each group.

Social Inclusion

We work with a variety of non-profit community organizations, we
design activities to engage participants’ development and bring
culture to the most vulnerable sectors of society.

Arte en Barrios Program: we offer visits to promote the identity
and culture of each neighborhood, the museum experience and
artistic practices. (Barrio 1-11-14 / Ciudad Oculta / Villa 31 /
Barrio Carrillo / Barrio Rodrigo Bueno)

Back and forth visits: The Community team visits a neighborhood
to meet a group on their home turf. Then the group comes to the
Museum to experience a tailored visit or workshop.


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