November 2020
Having been invited by the Museo Moderno to develop a performance piece specifically for the reopening of the museum, Verónica Meloni proposed highlighting the importance of care work in the public space, as she relies on the transformative nature of acts.
February 2020
Exhibition curated by Laura Hakel
February 2020
Exhibition curated by Marcos Kramer
November 2019
Exhibition curated by Lucrecia Palacios
October 2019
Curated by Carla Barbero and Marcos Krämer
September 2019
The Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires presents I am holy, the first panoramic exhibition of his work that tells the story of his religious conversion through the images he produced along the way curated by Jimena Ferreiro.
September 2019
Exposición curada por Laura Hakel
July 2019
Esta exposición, con curaduría de María Amalia García, presenta obras, cartas, textos y fotografías que permiten reconstruir la relación entre Georges Vantongerloo e Ignacio Pirovano y los diálogos de esa amistad.
May 2019
With Who’s That Girl?, the Museo de Arte Moderno presents the first retrospective of a twenty year career during which she has been a leading light among Argentine artists of her generation. Curated by Laura Hakel.
April 2019
The exhibition features over 250 artworks from the 18th Century to the present day inspired by three different geographical areas: the Pampas, the riverscape region known as the Littoral and the northeast of Argentina. Curated by Javier Villa.