Lockdown, Monsters and Fantasies

Invasión II
Invasión II (Invasion II, 1980), by Mildred Burton

Mildred Burton’s practice often involved projecting her imagination onto everyday spaces and objects.
Burton’s images recreate her childhood in Paraná, a lush, tropical town in the centre of Argentina, and
the domestic environments in which she grew up, injecting fantastical life into furniture, family
portraits and different corners of her home. In the artwork Invasión II (Invasion II, 1980) a dragon
bursts from an unknown world into a living room that seems to belong solely to us, or at least we are
the only witnesses to the occurrence. These unexpected invasions or apparitions allowed Burton to upend
‘ordinary’ logic so as to turn it into the bridge one needs to cross into ‘the unknown’.

In each of these artworks, Burton represents her quest to escape what could often be an oppressive
domestic world and transform it into something fantastical and dreamlike. Her output from the 70s and
80s also contains echoes of the repressive regime established by the military dictatorship at the time.
Burton drew from the fantasy literature she read and her own imagination to create monsters in forcibly
enclosed spaces that evoked the political situation.

As Burton does with her paintings and drawings, we might see this quarantine lock-down as an
opportunity to expel and confront the monsters inside of us, addressing them with both emotional
distance and a sense of humour. Mildred’s fantastical images inspire us to reimagine the ways in which
we live our domestic life, especially now that we find ourselves obliged to stay at home: How much
imagination does it take to give shape to monsters we have to deal with during our confinement? How
can we transform our homes by bringing the outside in? The objects we’ve been living with for weeks
on end now: how might they come to life?

Marcos Kramer, Curator




Coffee with Mariana Enríquez y María Gainza


A playlist to dream of freedom. Music, music always saves,
heals and unites us.

Songs freshly picked by people doing lockdown in the San Martín Penitentiary
that accompany, comfort and reflect them. Each song is a soundtrack to a moment,
an experience, a feeling.

Which song is your song?

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Mildred Burton: Home, fantasy y lockdown by Marcos

León y Cociña

Autores/Authors: Joaquín Cociña, Cristóbal León y Niles Atallah
Fecha/Date: 2007
Formato/Media: Animación stop-motion
Duración/Duration: 3:49 min.
Sinopsis: Lucía recuerda el verano en que se enamoró de Luis. Los muebles
de un dormitorio se agitan y se destruyen mientras Lucía, hecha de carbón,
aparece y desaparece sobre los muros.

León y Cociña

Autores/Authors: Joaquín Cociña, Cristóbal León y
Niles Atallah. - Fecha/Date: 2008
Formato/Media: Animación stop-motion
Duración/Duration: 4:02 min.
Sinopsis: Luis espera a su amor en el bosque. Aparece y desaparece en los muros
de una habitación repleta de objetos destruidos y movedizos. Poco a poco
la habitación se limpia y los objetos se rearman y vuelven a su lugar.

Eugenia Calvo

Eugenia Calvo
An insurmountable obstacle I, 2009
Video animation

Eugenia Calvo

Eugenia Calvo
An insurmountable obstacle II, 2009
Video animation


Till Death Do Us Darn, 2020
Mobile phone video

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