Fabio Kacero

Museo Moderno

Fabio Kacero: Detournalia

By César Aira, Sergio Bizzio, Rafael Cippolini, Luis Diego Fernández, Carlos
Gamerro, Inés Katzenstein, Benito Laren, Lux Lindner, Lucía Puenzo, Matías Serra
Bradford, Graciela Speranza, Beatriz Vignoli and Javier Villa.
Bilingual Spanish-English edition
300 pages

The patience displayed in Kacero’s artworks is present in his stories, they go at their
own unhurried pace with no set length. Patience is the essential tool of someone who
cherishes certain obsessions. It is these variations and repetitions that give the book
its unique quality. Scenes that echo between one story and another and link together
either obviously or surreptitiously. A story by Kacero is continued in a mirror-image in
another version. Stories as remakes. It is in this rewriting that he comes closest to his
artwork. Scribbles on a smooth surface. Reappearances, doubles, ghosts. Borrowed
memories, confused identities...

                                                                                                       Matías Serra Bradford


3 covers:
The Bipolar Bear. Mental Disorders of Large Arctic Mammals. Erik Gundor
The Madí’s baby. Gyula Paul Ansky
Nevermind The Pollocks. Spitting over dripping. Jack Lydon

This book was published to accompany the exhibition Fabio Kacero: Detournalia, held at the Museo de Arte Moderno de
​​​​​​​Buenos Aires from 3 July to 23 October 2014.

Format: 25 cm x 20.2 cm
ISBN 978-987-1358-29-8


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